Bucks for Sale

Our herd is forage only with winter hay supplements.  Our goats are meaty and we expect them to earn their way.   We have bred for meat and disposition.  e-mail  for more pictures and check us out!

Our Kikos have the "Kiko Advantage"

  • Parasite Resistance
  • Great Mothers
  • Good Hooves
  • Aggressive Breeders
  • Lots of Colors
  • Central Nebraska Location

New Zealand Kiko Meat  Goats

Our herd started in 2006 with an embryo transplant project out of Hemp's Golden Boy.  His genetics are still evident in his direct sons (Our herd sires) his grandsons and great grandsons.

Herd Sires

Does for Sale

 Breeding Does

Judy and Johnie Sikes kikosaregreat@gmail.com

100% New Zealand DNA Parentage Verified Kikos registered with the

American Kiko Goat Association